How it all began

This website was started to document what I’ve made over the years, just for me, but not soon I noticed people were actually visiting and finding help here. As someone who loves helping others and does so on a daily basis on Answer HQ as a Hero I saw a chance to help even more people. So I built my website out to what it is today, an ad-free website that doesn’t track your every move.
When I first started helping under the Phantomlover1717 name, I was only helping on The Sims 4 forums, where most information can be found on Crinrict.com, there was no use in rewriting what was already available. One beautiful day the Dutch forum was added, my first language, which needed a few helpful posts so I started translating and writing my own little help texts.
The Sims Mobile was born and I started focusing mainly on that forum, got added to the Game Changer program and started sharing and making walkthroughs for all kinds of events in-game.


About Phantom

At a very young age, my parents got to know me as a helper and someone who wanted to make others happy. Something I’ve never grown out of, being able to help others with something I love to do, gaming, is just a match made in heaven for me.
I started playing The Sims quite quick after the first release but really picked it up after The Sims Superstar got released. I found a lot of joy in building houses and playing with my little Sims. As a good gaming computer or laptop wasn’t in my fortune in life I often went years without touching the game. Until that day that I could afford my own beefy gaming computer, the love for gaming got sparked again.
I am still playing many different games, not only The Sims.

When I’m not gaming I’m either stuck looking at Pinterest, somewhere in the nature, learning tarot card reading, watching my favourite YouTubers, sitting on the sofa watching my favourite shows, taking photographs, cuddling the cat, helping on Answers HQ, looking at my website, making something in Photoshop, learning how to paint with watercolours or reading a book. But most of the time I’m either working or sleeping, that takes up a lot of time! 😆