Being a Game Changer

It’s been made very clear that it’s not clear what Game Changers do and what the community can expect of them.
I thought to share my own views and opinions about it, in the hope it will clear some things up.

First and foremost, I’m a Hero on Answers HQ. I help players in my own time with the issues they have with their games.
I do not work for EA, I do not get paid by EA. I do not get paid to be a Hero, I do not get paid to be a Game Changer, I do not earn from this website. I’m volunteering.
This is my backstory.

I’ve been helping the community since 2015, first as a normal user of EA’s Answers HQ, then as a Champion and eventually as a Hero.
After the release of The Sims 4 Jungle Adventures, it became very clear that I couldn’t help as I wanted with the resources that I had. Soon after The Sims Mobile released worldwide.
I was absolutely new to the game, willing to learn, but was struggling with the massive amount of posts that came in. Soon events started, and with work, AHQ and life I couldn’t finish any of those events.
Yet I was the only Hero playing The Sims Mobile, online I couldn’t find what I needed to know as it was such a new game. I was missing objects players had issues with. I couldn’t help them and nobody else could either.

So I cried out to SimGuruKate, I wasn’t out to become a Game Changer, I just needed more information from the Maxis studio so I could do better as a Hero.
Soon after I got added to the Game Changer program for both The Sims 4 and The Sims Mobile. This gave me the resources I needed to help players. Both in an understanding of the game mechanics as the tools, I needed to help.

The Game Changer program has given me the resources to create my own content. This being the answers I post on Answers HQ, the help I give.
I’ve chosen to create walkthroughs, but it’s not expected from me. It’s not even expected from me to actively post on Answers HQ, I’m volunteering. I take breaks, if I don’t want to answer I don’t.
As long as I at some point in time return and answer again, It’s fine. I’m not required to have a website or Twitter, these are all things I chose for.
I choose to pass on feedback from time to time because I feel it fits my views of the game. Of course, my views are mostly focused on the technical and the bugs.
Today I felt a cry from the community “but if not you? Then who passes on the feedback?!”, simple answer EA has people looking online as well. They pay people to gather that information.
It’s not a task of a Game Changer to gather feedback and pass it on, they see us as a value in this because we stand close to the community.

Also, I’m a human. I’m not on the level of community manager (CM) or guru.  I’m not a trained professional, I’m a human that thought it was nice to help people on a forum that got titles of Hero and Game Changers added to their name.

So what do those titles mean? It mostly means that the information I spread isn’t coming from my thumb. I got it somewhere, I was allowed to share it and I wanted to share it.
I’m not expected to make walkthroughs, I’m not expected to share information. I know it helps when I do, so I do it. You can recognize that information by the ‘Presented by EA Game Changers’ logo on the content.
If I was paid, which I’ve never been, to promote content it will have the ‘Sponsored by EA Game Changer’ logo on it. But keep in mind, even if a Game Changer was paid, it doesn’t mean they are talking of a script.
We’re “required” to give our honest opinion, even if that is negative. As long as it’s honest and constructive.

It’s not okay to SCREAM at me in all caps. It’s not okay to kick me down for things I can not control.
I simply can’t tell the dev team what they need to do, I can only suggest changes. What they do with feedback or information I give to them is to them or EA to do what they need to with.
Please know that I’m doing the best I can with the resources I have.

Some community members have made my being a Game Changer extremely difficult. And I see it happen to others as well.
And in all honesty I’ve grown distant, I watch what I write, I’m scared of making a mistake, even if this mistake wasn’t my fault.
I see the same happen to other Game Changers and it saddens me, there is such a big pressure on them, while they all do this out of love for the game and the community.

I will never be a hardcore player, I will never know all the ins and outs of The Sims Mobile.
And honestly even those aren’t requirements of being a Game Changer. If they were I wouldn’t be able to help on Answers HQ, I wouldn’t be able to make a living and pay for this website.

Edit: there were some questions both coming privately and open on different media.
Please also have a peek at the Game Changer FAQ. If you have any other questions, DM or tag me on Twitter. Or DM me on Answers HQ (requires an EA account).
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