Phantoms wishlist for TSM and TS4

August 25th, 2019

These are some of my wishes for the games I’m a Game Changer for. I’m probably missing a lot still and might add on later.
Please know, that even if I want or think certain things it doesn’t mean you have to agree with me.
I do not create the games or work for EA, me wanting these things doesn’t mean they will actually become reality. Your opinions and ideas are as valid as mine.

The Sims Mobile:

  • Always more bug fixes. And to have (all of) them mentioned on the patch notes.
  • Better customer service coming from EA.
  • Prices need to come down on packs.
    • A clear overview of what is in a pack (or event), who they are for, what skin colours, what they add to the game.
  • Earning Simcash should be easier. And the game should be more forgiving.
    • I often think of Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, the special currency isn’t hard to come by.  More relaxed instead of punishing.
  • We need more stories or levels. More to do than grinding through events. More substance, ways to tell unique stories.
  • A complete overhaul of the party system.
  • Gender neutrality.
  • Rework items, adding more interactions, fixing details.
  • A better system to check for hacking and/or cheating.
  • Whims, earning from things your Sim would like to do.
  • It never to become Freeplay. I can’t sit 5 minutes waiting for interaction to finish.
  • For it to be about telling the story of your Sim.
  • Building to be smoother and easier.
    • Option to save your build so you can build for fun.
  • A very intuitive photo mode. Options to make gifs or videos.

Of course, I also want things like pets and a day/night system, seasons even.
But I think the base needs to be fixed first. It needs a direction, I personally feel it’s all over the place. And lately more focused on just grinding through those events for items.

The Sims 4:

  • Open neighbourhoods
  • Horses
  • Magic (soooon)
  • Story progression without mods
  • To be a bit more grown-up
    • It feels very safe and secure and missing that thrill, for example, having a fire and knowing you Sim is stuck because there is a plate in front of the door and they are too freaked out to pick it up.
      Our Sims are a lot smarter nowadays but it’s missing the risk and excitement. You can do anything with mods, but I don’t play with them.
    • Maybe age restrictions on this as we see in the online gallery.
  • Fix more of the colours, have wallpapers actually match so you can have pattern and plain mixed. The baseboards on wallpapers drive me nuts. (I’m a perfectionist)
  • Curtains that know what they are and how to behave.
    • Rods sticking out of walls, curtains not reaching the floor, not fitting on windows.
    • More curtains/blinds that create “privacy” (who has privacy when your master is staring at you on a screen?)
  • Different shaped staircases.
  • When you size down a table for items to actually go on the table not hover above them.
  • A better overview of controls and a little more explanation on what is possible (without it being a forced tutorial).

You can leave your ideas and suggestions about the games on EA’s Answers HQ. The Sims Mobile or The Sims 4.
The Sims Mobile also has a designated post with a lot of ideas and suggestions!