Do you let everyone know immediatly when you get info from EA?

Usually no, every big piece of information is under embargo. This means that I need to keep the information to myself until the embargo lifts.
This is why you see all the Game Changers post about something around the same time. We get the information a little sooner so we can create our content. In my case, it’s often walkthroughs for The Sims Mobile.
With very big updates, like the Fashionista update, I’ll probably post about it, showing you the new stuff. Sadly we don’t always get access to the new updates, so it’s not always possible.
Other times I show off some content of The Sims 4 on Twitter, I try to keep that mostly with my own SelfSim. I love The Sims 4 but I try to keep my main content The Sims Mobile for now.

You can learn a lot more about embargos from this video by Make2: