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There isn’t a ladder you climb in this one. The person asking this was wondering if the next step is working for EA.
This is an option if you want to, but you can do that without being a Game Changer.
If you want to work for EA you can look up their job opportunities over here: https://www.ea.com/careers

I assume that after some time they’ll be removed from the Game Changers. Of course, there can be a lot of reasons someone can’t post content for a title though.
If the Game Changer has told EA that they can’t create content for a bit then that’s that.
The same goes for Heroes and Champions, and they’ll get ‘retired’ added to their title after some time of inactivity.

When levelling up at Answers HQ you can become a Hero. And that is one awesome title you clearly deserved to get.
You showed the CMs and Heroes on AHQ that you are worthy, that you love helping and that you’re kind, that you know a lot about the titles you’re helping with.

Becoming a Game Changer is something else. You can read their FAQ about it over here:

Becoming a Hero is not a package deal or a fast ticket to becoming a Game Changer.

In my opinion, it’s beneficial both ways. EA gives the content creators access to content, which the Game Changer uses to promote the game for EA.
This isn’t a requirement, being a Game Changer doesn’t mean you have to create content with what they give you.
For content creators like custom content (CC) and mod creators, it’s handy that they can test their mods and CC early on the content given by EA.
For me personally, I enjoy that I can test a game before I help people with it. Before becoming a Game Changer I had to quickly go through a pack like Jungle Adventure to find an answer. Spoiling most of the pack for me.
Having a closer connection also helps with passing along feedback and to ask and learn things about the game.

We give feedback, this can be feedback from players, it can be our own. Of course, we don’t have any say in if it gets added or not.

Usually no, every big piece of information is under embargo. This means that I need to keep the information to myself until the embargo lifts.
This is why you see all the Game Changers post about something around the same time. We get the information a little sooner so we can create our content. In my case, it’s often walkthroughs for The Sims Mobile.
With very big updates, like the Fashionista update, I’ll probably post about it, showing you the new stuff. Sadly we don’t always get access to the new updates, so it’s not always possible.
Other times I show off some content of The Sims 4 on Twitter, I try to keep that mostly with my own SelfSim. I love The Sims 4 but I try to keep my main content The Sims Mobile for now.

You can learn a lot more about embargos from this video by Make2:

I’m not sure how this works for other EA titles, but you can become a Game Changer for the game you’re “creating content” for.
In my case that is both The Sims 4 and The Sims Mobile, I answer both of those forums. Creating content you would think it’s creating a video or image, but in my case, it’s coming up with answers.
Finding walkarounds or ways to fix issues players are having. Gathering information to make guides or even fill the bug list.
You can apply to any title that has applications for Game Changers, getting accepted is something entirely different.


For the very first version of The Sims, I have all the expansion packs.
The Sims 2 I have the Ultimate Collection (where all the packs are included).
The Sims 3 I have all the stuff and expansion packs (thanks to a Steam sale, yay!).
The Sims 4 I have all the game, stuff and expansion packs.

I absolutely am a collector of The Sims. I love the game, and I love supporting the creators.

My Hogwarts house is Hufflepuff.

My Patronus is the Manx Cat.

My Wand is an English Oak wood with a Dragon heartstring core 12½” and Slightly Yielding flexibility

My Ilvermorny house is Pukwudgie

Images and information from pottermore.com

Looking at my games I think the biggest thing I love in a game is an open world.
A few of my favourite games:
Assassins Creed Syndicate (PC)
Subnautica (PC)
Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles (PC & Nintendo Switch)
Stardew Valley (PC, Nintendo Switch & Android)
The Sims 4 (PC)
Mass Effect Andromeda (PC)
Mirror’s Edge Catalyst (PC)
Minecraft (PC)
Overwatch (PC)
Super Mario Odyssey (Nintendo Switch)
Job Simulator (HTC Vive)
Portal 1 & Portal 2 (PC)

I mostly play games on PC, but I also play games on a Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS XL, HTC VIVE VR and on Android.
Phones I currently test The Sims Mobile on are, a Samsung Galaxy S9+, a Samsung Galaxy S7, a OnePus 5 and an iPhone 7

No, I do not. I did get some for The Sims 3 but ended up breaking my game. I stopped using it after that.
I don’t really feel I need to add content to The Sims 4. Also having a clean game helps me do a better job at helping on Answers HQ.

Phantom - Hero and Game Changer

Something I hear often is ‘why would you help EA unpaid?’.
I’m a helper, I always have been. I just combined it with my favourite game of all time, The Sims.
I could do it paid, work for EA, but I love the job I do in real life. This way I have the best of both worlds.

EA wouldn’t ask for this information publicly if it wasn’t safe. If you still don’t feel safe, feel free to send your Player ID through a private message to the EA staff.

Except for doing what I do, which is answering Answer HQ, there isn’t anything expected from me.
I choose to create content like walkthroughs for The Sims Mobile or just screenshots of new packs in The Sims 4.

Being human causes me to make mistakes.
I might think I know something and be absolutely wrong about it. Or my brain didn’t get the memo that something changed.
Sometimes you might see steps in the walkthroughs that aren’t correct.
This happens for two reasons;
– I didn’t get the information from EA and am guessing. This usually happens with reruns. The steps might have changed or I wrote it down wrong.
– EA was super kind to give me the information, but they are human and there was a mistake in the information I got.
Feel free to alert me if something like this happens. I’ll be happy to change it to the right information.

At some point in 2015, I was looking for help with my The Sims 4 game and landed on EA’s Answers HQ forums.
I saw posts I could answer, so I did. I kept doing it day after day, learning along the way. And on April 7th, 2015 I was asked to become a Champion.
And soon after on the July 7th, 2015 I was promoted to Hero.
After answering for years I was fed up with having to rush through new packs to help players, so I contacted SimGuruKate and on July 24th, 2018 I got added to the Game Changer program.

I do not get paid by EA. Not for being a Hero or a Game Changer. I’m also not an employee of EA.
If they would pay me to make content it will be branded with the ‘Sponsored by EA’ logo.

I do. I might do something extra like making the walkthroughs. Or showing content on Twitter before it’s released.
Most content I make is listed on my website. If it’s branded with the Game Changer logo it usually means I used content coming from the program.
This can be the entire guide but also can be just an image.
When you see multiple Game Changers posting the same walkthrough with their own names on it, the walkthrough was made by EA.

There are two logo’s, one is ‘Presented by Game Changers EA’ the other ‘Sponsored by EA’.
The last one means the Game Changer is getting paid, the first one means the content was given to them.


.nl is the TLD (Top-Level Domain) for the Netherlands. As I’m Dutch this seemed the most fitting.
You can read more about TLD and such over here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Internet_top-level_domains#N

The walkthroughs page sorts on height weirdly enough. This means you’d be better off looking on mobile if you want them sorted on date.
A secret trick is to click on a walkthrough on PC and refresh it when it’s enlarged, this will give you the details page. This shows tags, and the uploaded date/posted on date which I try to keep the date the event goes/went live.

Ads aren’t welcome on my site. I don’t help to gain money. For me what I gain from the EA programs levels out the costs of the domain name and hosting of my website.
This website only has one cookie, a Google Analytics cookie. Tracking on IP is turned off within Google Analytics.
When you first enter the site you get a warning at the bottom which also allows you to turn off the placement of the Google Analytics cookie.
I’ve decided to run Google Analytics to see what pages are used mostly, so I know what content is helping most.

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