Create A Sim (CAS) – The Fashionista Update

With The Fashionista Update, we’re getting a whole new CAS experience.
CAS got a new look but your Sim will as well. More items! Brands! Makeovers for young and old!

This is the DNA screen with some basic information on your Sim.

You’ll see two tabs above the overview, these give access to ‘Head’ and ‘Body’ where you can mould your Sims to the perfect Sim.
Either with premade looks or with the revamped sliders under ‘More Options’.


Going from the DNA screen to the shop screen in the left-hand top corner, you’ll be greeted with “Shop the Latest in Brands”.

Here is an overview of all the brands there are:
Sloth Cloth – Casually luxurious.
– SulSul Lime – An upscale take on dressing down.
– Clementine – Go retro with vintage looks from cherished eras
– Paisley – Authentic, inspired looks for every day.
– Plumb & Bob – Work wear so stylish — you’ll wish it was Monday!
– Elixir – Dark. Colorful. Witchy. Your style is pure magic.
– Glow – Bigger. Bolder. Dial up your style and put your best self out there.
– 925 – It’s a tough job, but somebody’s gotta look good doing it!
– Confetti – A full spectrum of make-up. Face the world, but treat yourself first.
– Jack Pine – Solid style for every day. (males only)
– Tails – Styles to match the big imaginations of your little ones. (kids only)

When deciding on the Elixir brand and clicking this one. You’ll see the full collection of clothing within the Elixir brand.
Items you already own have a green checkmark, items that are new a red circle.

Say we would want that Star Light Star Bright Gown we click on it.
In the middle of the screen, we see the swatches and the details with price and name on the right of it.
Left top corner the current currency.

Have fun creating your Sims!!